General Website Usage

When you use the website we collect a very small amount of your personal data via an online tracking tool called Google Analytics. If you are using our website then the personal data we collect includes non-personally identifiable information, such as your IP address (which is also set to anonymization). No other personal data will be collected.

We use cookies

Cookies are small files which are stored on a user’s device. We use cookies to provide you with essential website functions, analyse website performance and to personalise your experience through relevant content.

Cookies we use on this site
Cookie name Purpose Explanation
_ga Analytics code Individual tracking data - no personal information.
_gat_gtag_ Analytics code Used to set and get tracking data.
_gid Analytics code Used to distinguish users and has an expiration of 24-hours.
* Google Analytics has anonymizeIp flag set so acutal ip of user is not send to Analytics.
judoslo_session Random hash - no personal data - core cookie.
XSRF-TOKEN Cookie is storing information for preventing Cross-site request forgery as a type of malicious exploit. No personal data.
judoslo_cookie_consent This cookie indicates whether the user has accepted the cookies on this page.